Our special solutions and dry lubrication coatings are used in many industrial sectors:

-Cement industry
-Pulp and paper industry
-Chemical industry
-Steel and metallurgy
-Industry and port cranes
-Applications offshore, marine and submarine
-Warehouse automation, industrial distribution, automotive, food, logistics…

Our products are designed for use in heavy industry, where environmental conditions are really demanding (high temperatures, low temperatures, atmospheric dust, humidity, etc.) and also for many industrial applications where traditional lubrication (oil or grease) is not effective enough or is impossible to use.

We offer innovative, effective and very easy to apply solutions to coat and lubricate:

-Rotary Kilns, Dryers, Coolers…
-Crane Wheels and rails, industrial and port-marine
-Automations with wheels, rollers, rails and metal guides
-Steel Wire Ropes
-Transport and transmission Chains of many industries.

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