Rotary kilns, dryers, mills…

Many industries utilize rotary kilns in their production processes: cement, mining, pulp and paper, chemical…”

Optimizing the lubrication of the rings of rotary kilns and dryers is vital to extend the life of the kiln, the shell, the refractory, the filler bars … and reduce maintenance costs!”

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Easy Bar® is used by leading manufacturers of rotary kilns in the world: Andritz, Metso Kilns, Polysius, Humboldt Wedag, FL Schmidt Fuller…

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Easy Bar® SP Spray is designed to lubricate in the most efficient way the rings of difficult access and those that rotate at a speed that does allow to use Easy Bar®.

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Get the ‘Mirror Effect‘ in the riding rings, the rings and thrust buttons requires the best dry lubrication (dry coating). This task is very simple thanks to the Graphite Blocks and thanks to the dMT-SPC System.

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dMT-SPC Products from Ecotech International provide a modern, efficient and labor-free method of protecting surfaces in the most difficult applications areas – in some cases the only method.

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Lubrilog has designed the Grafolog and Gear Fluid range, a new generation of high performance lubricants for large open gears. Also Lubriclean enables to clean completely the gears in motion.

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