Lubriclean: Gear Cleaning in Motion

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Green Solvent: Biodegradable without VOC’s

Lubrilog has developed an innovative cleaning solution in service: Lubriclean EP. Considering the cost of a production shutdown of an oven or a mill, this solution enables in 1h30 maximum and without production stop, to ensure a cleaning of the equipment and to extend its life time (by reducing abrasive wear).

Lubrilog offers a unique solvent-free VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in service cleaning of large open gears. Lubriclean EP allows in less than 2 hours without stopping, a thorough cleaning of gear drives, to protect or prevent the risk of deterioration of the teeth associated with abrasive particles or before any mechanical intervention.


Lubriclean Video



-Ver PDF Lubrilog – Lubriclean EP in Global Cement
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