Innotech 105

Synthetic chain fluid High-Tech with excellent creeping and penetrative properties. Perfect for all roller chains, driver chains, Flayer chains and carrying roller chains.

-Penetrates the narrowest gaps, such as chain internal bearings, chain drive barrels and pins to achieve their critical lubrication.
-Cleans away old deposits and gumming.
-Does not bind fluff or dust. Does not gum, leaves a non-greasy lubrication film.
-Protects from corrosion and drives out damp.
-The latest additive-technology ensures a long-lasting protection from wear and tear.

Additives technology is activated by pressure and temperature. The metal areas of greatest friction reach a very high temperature. Microscopic irregularities are corrected to create a smoother surface with minimal wear.

OMC2 stands for Organic Metal Compounds, a new metal-organic formulation of complex compounds. The synergy effect of the OMC2 formula with conventional additives and other oil components results on a smoother surface thanks to the thermoplastic deformation.

Cheap machinery maintenance can turn out to be expensive. Save money using lubricants with the latest OMC2 technology!

Wear reduction
-Less mechanical load on carrying surfaces and other components.

-Less frictional resistance.
Less self-warming

-Less frictional heat.
Lubricant quantity saving

-Significantly longer lifetime hours of machinery elements despite longer lubrication intervals.
Longer lifetime

-Smoothes out existing surface damages and pittings. No solid ingredients.

PDF’s and more information

-PDF Technical data Sheet
-See PDF Innotech 105 brochure
-You can watch our OMC² Technology presentation here.

Cadenas y engranajes

One of the most important and complex technical tasks is to optimize the maintenance and lubrication of chains of different transport systems existing in many industries: roller chains, drive chains, chains, airlines, transport chains, conveyors, etc”

To access to the latest German technology OMC2 (Metal Organic Compound) is easy with the lubricant Innotech 105

The best chain lubricant must to be able to:

-To penetrate even the tightest holes of the links, inner bearings and bolts where lubrication is critical.
-Clean and remove the excess of dirt, sediments and gumming, repels dust and residues.
-Form a dry lubricating film that protects from corrosion and repels moisture.