When you are involved in industrial production processes, the best way to save money and be more competitive is to extend the useful life of machinery and the plant and avoid unscheduled downtime in production. This is always like that … but it is especially true now! when the resources available for most of companies have been reduced.

To consider that metal wear in many industrial applications it is normal or acceptable is a mistake that causes too many wasted hours and high costs that can be avoided.

Mareche presents innovative, efficient, economical and easy to install solutions. New Dry Coatings to be applied in areas where traditional lubricants, such as grease and oil, cannot be used. Technology and anti-wear and anti-friction to release maintenance personnel of cumbersome tasks and to reduce the time spent on them.

We are continually seeking the best anti-wear products and systems from the most demanding international industrial markets. We distribute new and effective solutions in close collaboration with our partners in Germany, USA, Australia, UK, etc.

Contact Mareche here, you can ask for a product demonstration. We will visit you, we will advise you and we will present solutions that really work.

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