Easy Bar® SP Spray

Easy Bar® SP (Spray) is a ‘graphite-based’ lubricant designed to safely lubricate the filler bars, riding rings and stop blocks of rotary kilns and dryers, especially kilns with difficult access or kilns that rotate too fast to use Easy Bar®. Easy Bar® SP (Spray) consists of a high auto-ignition point, synthetic thickener with organic and solid metallic, film-forming components.

Easy Bar® SP delivers its lubricating solids to the surface of the filler bars, the inside bore and the sides of the tire. Easy Bar® SP provides maximum protection from excessive wear, scoring, cold welding or galling. Easy Bar® SP is appropriate for application to surfaces that have extremely elevated temperatures. The product’s high content of lubricating solids fills the surface imperfections resulting in a smoother surface, lower friction and less wear. The improved lubrication between filler bars and riding rings reduces weld fractures at filler bars and kiln shell interface, contributing to extended shell and refractory service.

To apply Easy Bar SP (Spray), insert the Easy Bar SP tube into Applicator Gun. The applicator gun comes with a wand ranging from 90 to 240cm. in length based on your specifications and is pneumatically operated. Applicator Gun 25-T is lightweight and portable allowing the oiler to “paint” on the lubricant with air pressure controls.

Easy Bar SP means No Blowback, No Mixing Time, No Graphite-covered Safety Suits.

Typically, just one application 2 cartridges of Easy Bar SP (Spray) is needed per tire per week for superior lubrication. No mixing of graphite and water is required, ready to use. Easy Bar SP provides precise and accurate application resulting in no wasted material. Superior lubricant applied precisely results in fewer applications needed per week.

Easy Bar® SP advantages

-Auto-Ignition point over 1000F.
-100% Lubricant Composition.
-Applies with Paint-on precision & accuracy.
-Evaporates Cleanly (No Sticky Residue) – Biodegradable.
-No Mixing required.
-Allows for Oiler to apply at Safe Distance.
-No Messy Application Procedures.
-No Blow-back Danger. No Flame-Ups.
-No Clogged Spray Pumps.

Video Easy Bar® SP


-See PDF Easy Bar® SP Sales Brochure
-See PDF MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Easy Bar® SP