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dMT-SPC dry coating system provide a modern, efficient and labor-free method of protecting surfaces in the most difficult applications”.

SPC Blocks are the most economical solution when conventional lubricants (oils and greases) cannot be used and, in particular, in applications with high dust content, high temperatures or wet surfaces”.

dMT-SPC System applications

Click on the 4 photographs for insight into the different applications:

1-Industrial and Port Cranes: wheels and rails

2-Rotary equipment: riding rings, rollers...

3-Automated Warehouses AS-RS: Stackers

4-Other automatisms



1-Industrial and Port Cranes: wheels and rails

The DMT-SPC system is recommended for all types of industrial and port cranes: overhead cranes, gantry cranes, containers, cars, trolleys etc. DMT-SPC increases the life of the wheels and rails from 3 to 5 times.

dMT-SPC blocks create a coating – dry coating, which changes the coefficient of friction of metal surfaces in contact, drastically reducing wear. dMT-SPC is specially designed for the harshest environments.

Applicator and Block type M installed against the wheel or on the rail. Block type M creates a surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.35. Enhances traction, reduces vibration and reduces wear on the wheel and rail.

Applicator and block-type T on the on the flanges at the wheel. Block type T creates a surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.05. Favors the sliding and reduces wear of wheel flanges and side rails.

Mechanical installation is very simple.
Maintenance free, only reload a new block every several months. Mounting kits are available for rollers, flanges, wheels and rails. It requires installation only on the drive wheels as the dry coating is transmitted: wheel-rail-wheel-rail.

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2-Rotary equipment: riding rings, rollers…

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The dMT-SPC Dry Coating system is recommended one for all types of rotary kilns, calciners, rotary dryers, coolers, etc. It is especially suitable for cement industry, pulp and paper, mining and chemical industries. Perfect for the rollers, bearing rings and rollers thrusters: fills the pores and covers imperfections. It reduces wear and creates a mirror effect.

The installation kit consists of a Stainless Steel support frame that can accommodate from 2 to 24 individual blocks. The number of blocks and applicators depends on the width of the ring and tire. These kits can protect rings from 100 mm up to 1200 mm wide.

The kits can be installed on support rollers and on axial rollers.

The dry coating blocks can be made of MSO2 or high quality Graphite and create a dry lubricating film that extends the life of both rings and rollers.

“Segmented blocks are the ideal system because each block individually presses against the surface of the roller. As the forces exerted by the tire on the rollers vary at different points, each block can compensate it by providing the coating required based on needs.”
-See PDF dMT System Dry Coating for Rings & Rollers of Rotary Kilns
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3-Automated Warehouses AS-RS: Stackers

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dMT-SPC Dry Coating system can be installed easily in stacker cranes, cars, palletizers and many other systems used in automated warehouses AS-RS.

Improves the functioning of stackers, reduces wear of rails, wheels and metal rollers and reduces maintenance and interventions by failures of the sensors due to wear of mechanical parts.

It improves horizontal and vertical movements. It also improves starting and braking and enhances traction of the wheel. It requires no maintenance once installed, simply load a new block every several months.

Horizontal and vertical translation (Rail Kit): improves traction, reduces friction and prevents wear.

-See PDF SPC Wear Protection for Stacker Cranes AS-RS

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4-Other automatisms

The dMT-SPC Dry Coating system is used in many popular applications and can be used in many other as yet undiscovered. Is particularly suitable where traditional oils and greases cannot be used.

In many applications such as tumblers, pushers, wheel drive machines on rails, rollers, conveyors, chariots…

Simple and inexpensive solutions that adapt to countless automatisms.

Examples, conveyor wheels (steel tubes and aluminum laminate coils plants).

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